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eliminating information silos

Are You a Learning Organisation?

Paul Dunlop examines what it means to be a learning organisation and outlines the common elements among environments that facilitate high-performing...

daily management

Hoshin Kanri: Linking the Top to the Bottom

Paul Dunlop explains how Hoshin Kanri, supported by adjacent Lean processes, facilitates effective strategy planning, deployment and execution.

continuous improvement

Lean Innovation: Hybrid Digital Kamishibai Boards

These hybrid digital kamishibai boards are a great example of how organisations can blend traditional Lean tools with digital solutions for great...

continuous improvement

Keeping Lean Simple

All too often when challenged to make improvement in our process environment we look for the complicated ‘shiny objects’. We discuss keeping lean...

continuous improvement

The Control Chart: Mapping Process Behaviour

The control chart (or process behaviour chart) is one of several visual tools typically applied to quality control analysis. We discuss how to use it.

Best Practice

Defining the PDCA Cycle

Here's your definitive guide to the Plan, Do, Check, Adjust (PDCA) cycle - one of the pillars of Lean, continuous improvement and operational...

continuous improvement

The 8 Wastes of Lean

We delve into the wastes of lean. Learn how to identify them, how to improve in each area, and the questions you need to be asking.

continuous improvement

Lean Thinking is All About Discipline

Lean thinking requires discipline and an adherence to principles and processes. We discuss the structures needed to achieve significant change via...