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The Power of a Clear Vision from Leaders

Learn how to drive successful Lean projects within your organisation with a clear vision from leaders. We discuss how to define and communicate the...

lean management

Leading with Lean and a C.I. Mindset

When leading with Lean you have a responsibility to understand the benefits of the philosophy for all stakeholders involved.

lean management

Fostering Staff Skills for Win-Win Outcomes

Making the most of our workforces starts by identifying staff skills, sustaining them, and supporting the development of new capabilities.

lean management

Who Manages Staff Development?

Paul Dunlop discusses the ideal, two-way dynamic of effective staff development programs. Learn how to provide employees agency and achieve org...

Best Practice

Top Lean Tips for 2023

Discover our top Lean tips to keep in mind throughout 2023. We dive into the most effective elements of Lean management and Continuous Improvement.

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Are You a Learning Organisation?

Paul Dunlop examines what it means to be a learning organisation and outlines the common elements among environments that facilitate high-performing...

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Creating and Identifying Lean Superheroes

Turning our people into Lean Superheroes (and identifying them) requires asking a few questions and an investment of time / resources writes Paul...

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Hoshin Kanri: Linking the Top to the Bottom

Paul Dunlop explains how Hoshin Kanri, supported by adjacent Lean processes, facilitates effective strategy planning, deployment and execution.